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Natasha Dulce is sitting on the floor wearing blue panties and a white tank top with no bra underneath. She seems to be cleaning up because there is a rectangular bucket of soapy water next to her. She is also holding a sponge next to her white top. She is smiling even if she is wet and her nipples are showing through her clothes.

Natasha Dulce is showing off huge breasts. It looks like her tank top has been ripped at the top and she has more soap suds on her chest. Natasha’s hands are holding and squeezing her breasts.

Natasha Dulce cups her tanned breasts with her hands while a guy’s dick is in between her large mounds. It makes us wonder how it would feel to have cock go up and down and rub in between those big tis.

Natasha Dulce poses in bed with grey printed sheets. Her right leg is high up in the air while the other stays on the bed. She is still wearing her white tank top, deliciously exposing luscious boobs. She is getting her pussy filled with a long and thick cock.

Natasha Dulce’s tits come into focus. Her hands are on her large pair, squeezing them. Her brown puffy nipples fully erect with arousal too. We can see a little bit of the guy’s face in the background.

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Natasha Dulce Has A Glory Hole

Natasha Dulce is sitting on a toilet bowl. She is wearing a white printed tube top. She looks surprised with her mouth open and her hands up when she sees a long crooked cock with a dollar bill popping out of a hole on the wall.

Natasha Dulce takes the dollar with her right hand and the cock with her left. She lets her big breasts out and starts milking the cock off. Natasha does not have underwear on.

Natasha Dulce turns around and positions herself next to the cock on the wall. She motions the cock onto her own pussy hole and then moves to fuck it.

Natasha Dulce kneels down on a rug and takes the long cock into her mouth. The brunette has her eyes closed as she sucks the cock thoroughly.

Natasha Dulce uses her hands to finish the job. Cum is all over her mouth, chin and even dripping down to her boobies and neck. Great job Natasha! Very satisfactory!

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Natasha Dulce is enjoying the outdoors. She is having a cold drink under a tall coconut tree. Natasha is seductively smiling while posing and a curly haired guy wearing sunglasses is checking her out. Natasha is wearing a low-cut white v-neck blouse and a pair of tight white pants.

Natasha Dulce laughs as she proudly shows off natural breasts by moving her blouse aside. Her large tits have brown areola and dark erect nipples.

Natasha Dulce goes indoors with the curly haired guy. Inside a room, he takes his shorts down and there is a surprised look on Natasha’s face upon seeing his cock. Natasha holds the cock with her left hand and stares for a bit.

The beautiful and curvy Natasha Dulce and the guy take off all their clothes. See Natasha sucking massive cock while fondling her big and titties. She pinches her nipples and squeezes her big tanned breasts.

Natasha Dulce slips the guy’s dick in between her mountainous breasts. She lets him rub and motorboat on her tits as she smiles and pleasures herself as well.

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Natasha Dulce is a 22 year old model/actress in the adult industry. She was born on July 8, 1990 and she currently lived in Tampa, Florida. Natasha Dulce has the height of 5 feet 4 inches and the weight of 123 pounds. She has naturally large breasts with the measurement of 34DD. Her waist is just 26 inches and her hips are 38 inches.

Natasha Dulce has curves in all the right places. This sexy chick has been in the adult entertainment business for quite some time and has done a lot of photo and video shoots. She is quite popular for her big tits and her liking for massive cocks.

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The gorgeously dark-skinned Natasha Dulce is joined by two girl friends and some hot strangers on a drinking party. All the females are topless, showing off large tits while putting their green and red cups to up for a toast. The guy with a lot of tattoos is obviously checking out Natasha, especially her big boobs.

Too much alcohol, chips and partying equals a very messy room like this one and pretty ladies all horny. Natasha Dulce bends over and sucks a long light brown cock while the guy holds her by the head. From the mirror, we can see that the other girls are watching what Natasha is doing.

Aside from having drinks, Natasha Dulce and her friends played strip poker. The combination of alcohol, hot chicks and horny games is such to turn out into some wilder fun. The girls are in left down to their panties, are they winning or losing?

Natasha Dulce’s eyes are closed while a tattooed guy’s wang is fucking her pussy. The nipples on Natasha’s great big tits are fully erect, a sign that she is very turned on. Because she is fully naked, we can also see Natasha’s shaven cunt and many star tattoos.

Natasha Dulce receives cum on her large breasts while she is squatting down next to a light brown desk. That sure looks like a lot of cream, Natasha. You got that guy really hot!

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Natasha Dulce looks gorgeous. She is in a room with a nice white couch and a wall art at the back. She is standing up with her sexy legs apart and her hand placed next to her crotch. She is wearing a pair of cream colored bra and panties with lace details. We can see the largeness of her breast and smoothness of her skin as well as her many tattoos and bright smile too.

Natasha Dulce bends over a little bit for a close-up of her precious cleavage. She has her arms across her chest and a naughty smile on her face. This girl is just so tempting!

Natasha Dulce unhooks bra so we can now see the shape of her natural big tits. She keeps on teasing though because her hands are on her breasts, still covering her areola and nipples.

Natasha Dulce turns sideways and we can have more appreciation of her curves. Truly, her boobs are huge! Her right hand is on her hip and she is still wearing sexy panties. Natasha Dulce looks beautiful in her curled brown hair and bright smile.

Natasha Dulce sits on the couch and opens her legs spread eagle. What would make this more perfect is if she is stripped down to her skin and she starts to play with herself or gets fucked really hard.

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